Las Vegas Weed Vapes and Marijuana Vaporizers

Five states have changed cannabis laws to allow for the production and distribution of marijuana. Adults over the age of 21 often use cannabis for pain relief and other therapeutic needs. Those who have just started their journey with marijuana are using new approaches to dosing such as THC vape pens and vaporizors.  For instance […]

$6 Million Las Vegas Nevada’s Recreational Weed Tax

Nevada’s recreational marijuana tax is continuing to provide increasing tax proceeds for the state. It hit a new high for the month of October, which is the fourth month of Nevada’s recreational weed program. October sales hit more than $5.8 million, including a 15 percent tax on wholesale transactions in both the medical and recreational […]

Marijuana Facts 2018

Just five years ago, recreational marijuana wasn’t legal anywhere within the United States, ranging from the Lower 48 to Alaska and down to Hawaii. The movement for recreational marijuana began in both Colorado and Oregon, although eight states and Washington, D.C., have both given the seemingly-harmless drug the green light. Few, if any, deaths have […]