Las Vegas Weed Vapes and Marijuana Vaporizers

Las Vegas Weed Vapes and Marijuana Vaporizers

Five states have changed cannabis laws to allow for the production and distribution of marijuana. Adults over the age of 21 often use cannabis for pain relief and other therapeutic needs. Those who have just started their journey with marijuana are using new approaches to dosing such as THC vape pens and vaporizors.  For instance in Las Vegas Nevada dispensaries you can by concentrated THC oil in cartridges for vaporizer pens. Vaporizors The vaporizer method heats up the cannabis just enough to activate THC. It will not cause the marijuana flower to burn, and it also will not harm concentrate. Since there is no combustion, vaporizing eliminates most of the carcinogens associated with smoke, meaning 95 percent of what is inhaled is vapor. Both new and expert users choose a vaporizer for the following reasons:
  • • The vaporizing method makes the marijuana stronger than the smoked form
  • • There is less smoke and reduced exposure to carcinogens
  • • Less stress on oral health
  • • Less odor that allows for more discreet dosing
  • • Vaporizing allows for the bud to be repurposed for edibles
  • • Cannabis supply lasts longer due to the efficiency of vaporizing
There are many vaporizers available for every smoking need.

Vape Pens A vape pen is a small vaporizer that uses a cartridge filled with oil. When the oil is gone, the cartridge is simply switched out. These pens are single use and disposable and are similar to e-cigarettes.

Some of the choices for vaping marijuana include: • Butane oils. These oils have a highly concentrated form of THC that produces an intense high. Butane hash oil is most commonly known as BHO and is called "dabs" in some areas. • Wax cartridges. Filled with a solid concentrate, wax marijuana cartridges are melted by the vaping pen to allow for smoking. • Marijuana flower pens. These pens are designed for both extract and dry herb smoking. Heating dry herb takes more time than with the other methods but provides flexibility in dosing, which is important for medical needs and those new to vaping. Marijuana users now have more choices than ever when enjoying their favorite herb. Vaporizing inLas Vegas and vape pens are healthier alternatives to traditional smoking.

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