Las Vegas Marijuana Visitors Guide

Las Vegas Marijuana Visitors Guide

In November of 2016, the state of Nevada passed a law allowing the use of recreational marijuana in the privacy of your own home. However, it wasn’t until July 1st of this year that the law came into effect. At exactly midnight on July 1st, the first legal purchase of recreational cannabis was made by none other than Nevada’s own state senator Tick Segerblom at . His purchase was made surrounded by local state media and national media, as this marked a historic moment in Las Vegas’s history. A massive celebration took place immediately following the first purchase, where a fireworks display was set off and the store was opened for a few more hours to truly commemorate that moment.

With the new law allowing for marijuana use, many new questions have arisen regarding weed tourism and general rules when coming to Las Vegas on vacation. After all, nearly 41 million people visit Las Vegas each year. We’re here to answer some of those questions and to make sure you don’t do anything illegal during your stay in Las Vegas.

Where in the Las Vegas area is recreational weed legal?

Though the law passed by the state of Nevada says that recreational marijuana is now legal across the state, some areas have temporarily waived that law in order to properly define how weed can be purchased. As long as you have a proper form of United States identification – like a passport, state ID, or driver’s license – you can purchase recreational cannabis in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Reno. Some other parts of Nevada have also begun to allow recreational marijuana as well.

However, Green Valley and Henderson have specifically passed a six-month stay on the law in order to define where those areas’ city limits are. Right now, recreational marijuana is not available for purchase in these areas and is not legal. It is likely that Henderson will allow for its purchase as early as the beginning of next year.

Will I need a medical marijuana card to buy weed as a tourist in Las Vegas?

Absolutely not, as long as you’re over the age of 21 and have a proper US ID (mentioned previously). One of the major incentives for the passage of this law was to allow tourists to buy recreational marijuana easily. You can come to Las Vegas and head to a dispensary without having to worry about obtaining a medical card.

If I use medical marijuana, can I skip the normal lines in dispensaries?

In Nevada, state law does not dictate that medical users have priority over recreational users. Some areas of the state are more forward-thinking and do give medical users priority, but not all. Be prepared to wait in line, but if you’re in the Las Vegas area most dispensaries will give medical users the right of way.

Can weed be purchase 24/7 in Las Vegas?

Only in some parts of the city is it legal for stores and dispensaries to stay open all day. On the Las Vegas strip, most stores shut down around 2 AM and do not reopen until 7 or 8 AM. However, in North Las Vegas dispensaries are allowed to stay open 24 hours a day as long as there is sufficient demand. In other areas of the state such as Reno, the laws are not as solidified and stores are not allowed to stay open continuously.

Where is it legal to use cannabis in Nevada?

Though it is legal to purchase cannabis in most parts of Nevada, it is not legal to use weed wherever you please. As of right now, the only place it is legal to smoke or use marijuana is in a private domicile or private property. This means that public spaces that most tourists go to will not allow marijuana to be used on the premises. Nevada defines a public space as “an area to which the public is invited” with no regard for age, so casinos, bars, and sidewalks are not areas you can smoke on. Although cars are considered private property, smoking inside your vehicle is specifically not allowed under state law.

However, hotels can decide whether it is legal for you to smoke in the privacy in your own room. Since this is the case, it is wise to check if your hotel will let you smoke legally. If you do use marijuana in a public area or space that specifically does not permit smoking and get caught, you can face up to a $1000 fine and the company that space belongs to can receive fines as well. Advocacy groups in Las Vegas and around the state are campaigning for the legalizing of “consumption lounges”, or public places where substances can legally be consumed.

What are the limits on purchasing weed in Nevada?

There is currently no per-month limit on how much you can purchase in Nevada, but there is a one ounce limit per transaction. Possession laws dictate how much you’re legally allowed to carry around, which differs depending on the type of cannabis you’re carrying and whether you’re a recreational or medical user. Recreational users can carry up to one ounce of flowers, 0.125 ounces of concentrates, or 2975 milligrams of pure THC. Medical users can carry up to 2.5 ounces of flowers and up to 10,000 milligrams of THC. There is no specific amount for either medical or recreational users of edibles or other consumables.

Can I transport weed into or out of Nevada?

Laws state that it is absolutely illegal to transport weed into or out of Nevada. Any weed purchased outside of the state must be discarded before coming into the state, and any bought in Nevada must be discarded before leaving. In essence, this means that you need to make sure that you use it all during your trip!

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Las Vegas and around Nevada, your vacation can be a little more exciting. With these informational tips in mind, you’ll be able to ensure that your use is totally within the legal boundaries and that you won’t have to worry about getting caught and fined, leaving you with a stress-free and amazing experience in the amazing city of Las Vegas.